Basic Website
Hosting, Emails, Updates , Website management
= R299,00 per month

Setup, Design , Layout
= R3800.00 once-off

Domain Registration
= R150.00 Per Year

What is included?

We do it all for you:
• Register or Transferring your URL
• Design of your Website
• Build and Setup of your Website
• Updates
• Maintaining the Website on Your Behalf up to 30 min p/m

Setup includes the first 5 hours – hourly rate thereafter


What do I need to do?
  • You just do the following:
    Apply on line
    Pay the once-off set up fee.

Setup your email addresses
Supply us with info, pictures, logos whatever you want on your website.
Everything works via email and we guide you with every step of the way.

No Contracts, Month to Month.

Easy Peasy – let us do what we do best and you can focus on your business.



Extra Domain Parked and pointed =R25.00 per month.

Domain Renewal = R150.00 per Year.

Extra Bandwidth = R100.00 per 1000 meg per month.

Extra Artwork, Design, any extra time spend on website = R250.00 per hour.

Plug-in or Theme setup = R250.00 per hour.

Training = R250.00 per hour

Completed Projects

Steps to Get your Website

1. Complete The form below.

2. Sign and return a copy of this form.

3. Pay the setup fee via Payfast

4. Send us Info and Content for your website

ONLINE SHOP Website Hosting, Emails, Updates , Website management= R299,00 per month Setup, Design , Layout= R3800.00 once-off Domain Registration= R150.00 Per Year 
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