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We provide Fully Functional , Modern , Responsive websites with everything you need to showcase your company or group on the world wide web. With all the latest Software , Security and Maintenance by a dedicated team to keep your online presence up to date.

We keep it easy and user friendly in the same Time Professional and Powerful.

You get a Up to Date Responsive Professional website, all you need to do is supply us with content to update the site and we manage the site for you.

Now you can spend your valuable time and expertise on your business and we will look after your website.

Professional & Affordable 


 The Basic Website

R1500.00 INCL VAT once-off gets you The Basic Website that consists of the basics like a  About Us, Products, Services, Contact Us, Gallery, Contact Form, Map, a Proper up to date website.

This includes the first 5 hours of design.

The Basic website cost R99.00 INCL VAT per month including 2.5gb Disk Space and 5GB Bandwidth (internet usage on the server)

If a limit is reached you will be upgraded to a 2nd or 3rd package if required.

A yearly Domain Registration / Renewal fee is charged, (R200.00 other domains on request

Updates / Support exceeding 10min p/m are charged R300.00 ph

All you need to do is Supply your Logo`s, Pictures and information for the website and we will advise and guide you along the way.

Start-up Fee R1500.00 and R99 per month thereafter.( INCL VAT)

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Other Costs

Extra Design or Labour: R300 per hour

Extra Bandwith  &  Extra Space Upgrade = Extra Package Domain Renewal R200 per Year (other domains price on request)

Add on Domain  – Park and Point R450 per year

To install and setup extra features R300.00 per hour.

ALL our Websites is Protected by HTTPS, This helps prevent intruders from tampering with the communications between your websites and your users’ browsers. Intruders include intentionally malicious attackers, and legitimate but intrusive companies, such as ISPs or hotels that inject ads into pages.

SpamExperts is an advanced email filter that scans and filters your incoming email for spam, viruses, phishing, and other email-related attacks by botnets and spammers with 99.98% accuracy — all before it reaches your inbox. It’s specifically designed to avoid false positives, and it’s continually learning and evolving to protect you from new spamming techniques and threats.

Technical Specs

(Everything you need for your basic website)


  • Space: 2500 meg
  • Bandwith: 5000 meg
  • Pages: Unlimited
  • Emails: Unlimited
  • Pictures: Unlimited
  • Responsive: Yes
  • Updates p/m: 10min
  • CMS : WordPress
  • Builder: Divi Licensed
  • SEO: Free Yoast
  • Security: SSL
  • Upgradeable : Yes
  • Backups: 7 Days
  • Website Build: Yes
  • Updates: 10min Free
  • Setup & Design: 5 Hours

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