Answer: YES, More than ever have the world moved online now, and you need to compete in the market by having online presence.

Step 1 – Get your own website,

A Website is your Business , Office or Shop online,

A Website is what your Customers will see so make an impression they will not forget.

Showcase your business , show what you do, have done and what you are able to do.

Show that you are professional , trustworthy and relightable.

Stay away from Free websites, Free hosting, Free ,Free, Free, There is a reason why its free,

they use you to advertise their business and 9 out of 10 times has the free or cheap sites missing

components to make it cheap and to force you to pay for upgrades. Get a proper website the first time.

No need to warry we do professional proper websites , the real thing with all the bells and whistles at an affordable price.

We do it all for you with that personal touch without making you broke. See for more info.

Step 2 – Market your website,

                Once you have a website you need to advertise it

                Start by adding your domain name and related email to all your documents, invoices, branding.

                Advertise online:

                                Open a google business account.

                                Open a Facebook Account and make use of the advertisement tools.

                                Whatever social media or advertisement accounts you open make sure you manage it regularly.

                                If you have funds available get a professional to help and manage this,

Step 3 – Market your Business:

                Keep on marketing your business and create brand awareness in your surrounding areas or in areas you trade in,


                Brand your Business by Vehicle Branding, Signage, Promotional gifts, Branded Clothing for Staff, Business Cards, Flyers, Invoice Books

Email Signatures ….

Whenever interacting with a client make sure they will remember your company.